September 16, 2014

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"John Foxx/Karborn/Bambrook have produced a film inspired by the apocalyptic sci-fi author JG Ballard. Appropriately atrocious, seductive and tragic, this short film explores the shadow of technological culture. Exciting chase scenes, stunning and provocative imagery driven by a high energy soundtrack." - Taren Pang

damn, this is blocked in germany due to those fucking unsolved publishing-issues. how many people would watch this? 67?! i´m so fucking angry and tired of this shit!

re-blogged it anyway.

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September 14, 2014

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September 13, 2014

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the juan mclean - i waited for so long.

your saturday night starts here! the whole album is packed with fantastic analogue discotheque amazingness. i´m sold on first listen.

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"more kaftans" is a great name for a band!


(via (3) Pin by Frances Kaya on TRASHERIE | Pinterest)

"more kaftans" is a great name for a band!

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Frank Fisher Apartments, Chicago, by architect Andrew Rebori, 1939

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Well, come to My Nightmare!


Well, come to My Nightmare!

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Space Age Television . Thunderbirds Are Go


Space Age Television . Thunderbirds Are Go

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In response to a number of clients seeking options for living on extreme coastal plots, Australian prefab architecture firm Modscape created the Cliff House, a design concept for a modular, vertical home that extends precariously from the side of a cliff.

"Please design me a house that’s attached to a naturally eroding geological feature, because it is my ambition to die when my house falls into the sea while I’m sleeping."

I assume that was the brief.

I’d want a written guarantee that the sea would never get excessively rough, that there would never be storm winds, and that erosion had been put on hold for the duration.

amazing! except for that fucking mini on top…

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The Orange R, 1978.
Artiste inconnu.


The Orange R, 1978.

Artiste inconnu.

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Ben Frost, ‘Know Your Product’

Paintings on pharmaceutical packaging

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