November 20, 2012


Joor Nitth - I Don’t Want Luv. 80s-style garage + jazz funk tune. Makes me think of red XR3Is.

Lyrics & vocals by Frank H. Carter III, AKA Songboy3. Mastering and Artwork by Joor Nitth.

Frank H. Carter III: This is something that came to me while listening to some Tina Turner stuff (post-IKE) years ago and I’d wondered if I could write something for her. Not that it would actually get to her but if I had the ability you know? The thing that I remember the strongest is that during the time that Tina re-introduced herself to the public (Y’know…What’s Love got To Do With It?, Private Dancer, etc…) in 90% of her videos, she always seemed to be going for what I called ‘hooker-chic’! For a minute, she always seemed to be playing or at least referencing a street-walker in her look. And that’s where this little bitty hook came from:

I don’t want luv
I want your money
‘Cuz this is what I do
And I’ll be good to you

Video — 7:29am
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